WiseLoop PHP Server Monitor 3.3.3
System Online Status Checker
WiseLoop PHP Server Monitor

Affordable server monitoring software that allows you to check the online status of your servers.
WiseLoop PHP Server Monitor can check status of any server types such as web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, SQL and NoSQL database servers, game servers, VPN servers, cloud servers, cdn servers etc.
By setting up a cron job, the tool is able to send email notifications and server status reports so you will be always up to date regarding the online status of your servers.
This system status checker tool is ideal for hosting providers, hosting resellers, IT systems administrators, database administrators, webmasters and can be used in any other scenarios where servers/services online status info is needed.

Main Features

  • any server type support;
  • unlimited number of servers;
  • email notifications and reports;
  • multi-user support;
  • no database required;
  • responsive and mobile friendly UI design;
  • scheduled auto-refresh;
  • adaptable and extensible UI;
  • HTML widget available also;
  • smooth animations;
  • JSON API - data service to build your own server monitoring software script;
  • cross-browser support;
  • UI powered by AngularJS and Bootstrap;
  • very easy to use;
  • exhaustive documentation with many samples.


  • PHP 5.0.0 or above;
  • jQuery 1.11.2 or newer;
  • AngularJS 1.3.1 or newer;
  • Bootstrap 3

Usage Sample

This is how to include the full application in your HTML page:

<div ng-app="wl-ng-sm-app">
    <div wl-ng-sm-app></div>
<script>angular.module('wl-ng-sm-config', []).value('bins', '../bins');</script>

This is how to use the HTML widget:

<div ng-app="wl-ng-sm-widget">
    <div wl-ng-sm-widget host="google.com" port="80" name="Google Web Server" refresh-interval="11"></div>
<script>angular.module('wl-ng-sm-config', []).value('bins', '../bins');</script>