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General conditions

Any content available on this website is the intellectual property of wiseloop.com, and must not be copied, republished or redeployed, by the website visitors. Various methods including framing, caching or other similar means are prohibited without authorization.

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wiseloop.com represents an online platform displaying software products available for purchase on the codecanyon.net marketplace provided by envato.
wiseloop.com does not guarantee that product descriptions or other content of this site are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. All software product descriptions, software product prices, and software product availability are subject to change at any time, without notice.
You agree not to take any other action in connection with your use of wiseloop.com, which violates any treaty, law or regulation and to fully comply with all applicable treaties, laws and regulations in your use of wiseloop.com. wiseloop.com assumes no liability, and shall not be held responsible for any action you take in connection with your use of wiseloop.com.


All our products are sold exclusively on codecanyon.net wich is a part of the Envato Marketplaces.
By purchasing or using the products provided by wiseloop.com, you hereby confirm that you accept the licensing agreements, the terms and the conditions specified on wiseloop.com, codecanyon.net and envato.com.

License Agreement

When you purchase an item you are in fact purchasing a license to use that item. Different licenses give you different rights of usage.
More information about licensing options available can be found at: http://codecanyon.net/wiki/support/legal-terms/licensing-terms/.

User Content

Except where otherwise specifically provided by wiseloop.com, all comments, feedback, or information submitted to wiseloop.com through will be considered non-confidential and wiseloop.com property. By submitting any information to wiseloop.com, you agree that you assign to wiseloop.com, without charge, all worldwide rights, title and interest, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights, in and to that information. wiseloop.com will be free to use that information in any manner or media whatsoever, on an unrestricted basis and without any compensation or royalties to you.
You also represent and guarantee that you own or control all of the rights to the information that you provide and it is accurate, and that use of the information you supply does not violate this policy and will not cause injury to any person or entity.
wiseloop.com has the right but not the compulsion to monitor and edit or remove any information you provide, but wiseloop.com takes no responsability and assumes no liability for any information provided by you or any third party.

Support Policy

Before buying from wiseloop.com you should know that:

  • support is provided only if requested from WiseLoop codecanyon.net profile page: http://codecanyon.net/user/WiseLoop - this is the only way we can check that you own a valid license;
  • if you need to know more about the product you want to buy, you can use also our contact form;
  • support is limited to software products bought from WiseLoop only, therefore we will not respond to requests regarding third party products;
  • support includes providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions;
  • we do offer support regarding the integration of our products into your projects, but we will not do your work and we will not teach you programming;
  • support do not include customization, installation services;
  • support can be denied if the products are not used for what they were designed for;
  • support can be denied if the products requirements/prerequisites are not fulfilled or the products are not used according to the specifications;
  • support is denied for non-english speakers;
  • we cannot offer support over remote desktop connection or live messaging applications (such as TeamViewer, Skype etc.);
  • support includes fixing bugs and reported issues;
  • we reserve the right to deny support for rude, abusive, mean, offensive or hysterical requests;
  • we will answer to each and every request, but we cannot guarantee a certain response time; it might take less or longer depending on our working load;
  • we reserve the right to ignore, ban or report to Envato any kind of feedback that is rude, abusive, mean, offensive or hysterical;
  • we cannot give refunds or discounts; please contact Envato directly for this;

Please bear in mind that our intention is to offer good quality software products, therefore we appreciate both positive and negative feedback as long as it is constructive.

Thank you!

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