Google, Yahoo & Bing Live Search Demo

This plugin provides google, yahoo and bing live search widget box for your wordpress blog site. Enrich your website user experience with this very cool WordPress plugin that offers instant Google Live Search, Yahoo Live Search and Bing Live Search right out of the box! Worldwide or in-site live search results with ease just by using this highly customizable plugin!

[livesearch engines='google,yahoo,bing' target='_new' theme='default' width='180px']The above live search box was generated using shortcode:
[livesearch engines='google,yahoo,bing' target='_new' theme='default' width='180px' site='']
[livesearch engines='bing,google' target='_blank' theme='skyline' width='180px']The above live search box was generated using shortcode:
[livesearch engines='bing,google' target='_blank' theme='skyline' width='180px']
[livesearch engines='yahoo,google,bing' target='_new' theme='fireburn' width='180px']The above live search box was generated using shortcode:
[livesearch engines='yahoo,google,bing' target='_new' theme='fireburn' width='180px']

Wiseloop Google, Yahoo & Bing Live Search WordPress Plugin is designed to offer an easy way to add live search functionality to your WordPress website. Just start typing a few letters in the search box and the search results will be shown instantly in a fully customizable menu. Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine can be selected to perform the live search.
In order to have the live search feature in within your blog, this WordPress plugin provides a shortcode to be used inside a post/page and a widget to have the live search box inside the widget area.
The plugin is highly customizable various themes can be applied via CSS, restrict the allowed search engines, limit the search to one website (your site maybe) etc.

Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin

If you want to grab, retrieve or download media such as images, video files, audio files and flash files from a public web site and use them locally in within your own WordPress blog, Web Media Grabber Plugin for WordPress is the perfect tool.
Extract and download anything from anywhere to your server file system! Use the downloaded media into your own WordPress pages or posts without external hotlinking.

Due to the “administrative-only” mode of the WiseLoop Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin, the live demonstration comes in a video format.


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Web Grabber WordPress Plugin

This is a live demonstration post for WiseLoop Web Grabber WordPress Plugin.
Below, in the red squares, are shown various extracted contents from different web site pages grabbed by this amazing WordPress Plugin using the provided “webgrab” shortcode.

Example 1: Very simple grabbing of first paragraph from the WordPress website
Shortcode: [ webgrab url='' tag='{p class="intro"}']

Tag <p class="intro"> not found.

Example 2: Complex grabbing with tags removal, string replacements and tag instance filtering
Shortcode: [ webgrab url='' tag='{ul}' contains='images/templates' rtag1='{div class="option"' srch1='/images/templates/' repl1='' srch2='/images/ads/templates/' repl2='']

Example 3: Requested by HammyHavoc
Getting MySpace friends number: [ webgrab url='' tag='span class="toolbarCount"' cache='0']
Getting Last.Fm plays: [ webgrab url='' tag='span class="count"' cache='0']

URL "" does not exist, is not readable or is protected against scraping.
Check if your IP address "" has access permission to this URL.

Last.Fm plays: Tag span class="count" not found.

Example 4: Requested by danialhr
Shortcode: [ webgrab url='' tag='{div id="post-' cache='0']

Kok Keong & Charmaine – Actual Day Wedding

As promised, here’s some images to share from Kok Keong and Charmaine’s actual day wedding! The couple had the morning gatecrashing, traditional tea ceremony, quick outdoor shoot at Orchard Road, Solemnisation by the Mayfair Pool in GoodWood Park Hotel where they had their dinner banquet. Videography was handled by Damon Low from Damon Low Videography (very friendly guy). The  couple engaged Wedding Acts and had Maria as their wedding planner, together with a three piece live band – A Little Dream with Bevlyn as the singer. Enjoy this series, and with the coming lunar new year, remember to moderate your intake of festive goodies! Have fun! 🙂

Early in the morning doggie sleeping at Charmaine’s lap, waiting for its turn for the make up. Just kidding!




Here’s Maria from Wedding Acts looking all bright and cheery!


And Damon Low in action with his gears.
One of Raymond’s favourite image.
And this one too for the expression!

The couple had a few gatecrashing games including this, eating food like Chilli, Wasabi, drinking disgusting stuffs and chewing off a big stick of chocolate moulded after men’s vital organ *coughs* , but I’ll just post the most innocent one here, the rest is for the couple and their xiong dis jiemeis to enjoy. 🙂

Raymond Phang’s signature car shots.

Here’s Cameron Simpson looking all cool and happy! Bet he’ll look even happier on his own wedding day years later! 🙂

A quick shoot around Kok Keong’s place.


Again, ah boy’s expression stands out!
Quick shoot at Orchard Road right after tea ceremony. All thanks to the professional jie meis for their help!! 🙂
Here’s the table set up. Pretty right!
And a giant blue “box” for their wedding cake!!
Lovely color theme!! Super nice!
Mini cupcakes for everyone~

Charmaine’s gown has a super long train…
Bevlyn the singer from A Little Dream


Here’s after a second change into the evening gown with the Champagne popping~

The fierce Yum Seng to shout out all their frustrations for all the nasty treatment they suffered during the day gatecrashing.

Speech time from Bestman!
And Maid of Honour actually prepared an exaggeratingly long piece of paper for her speech! It’s like pieces and pieces of A4 (or bigger?) papers all taped up into a “scroll”.. LOL!!



Ah boy really is a chick magnet… guess that’s the benefit of being cute – swarmed by pretty ladies all the time… LOL!
Couples’ time to give thank you speech~

And proceeded on with the table to table + crazy drinking sessions with friends.

Kok Keong drank soooo much, he was practically red like a lobster.

Cannot take it anymore~
He must have waited for this day for a very long time… can drink and drink like crazy!
More drinking shots of Kok Keong… and you can only imagine how’s the rest of the night will look like. More toastings, more drinking, more lobsters~ Hehehe. Will be meeting Kok Keong and Charmaine later in the afternoon to show them the entire set of images! Been a long time since I last met them personally. So excited! 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy this series with little wordings this time round. LOL!! Cheers!



Lots of ♥,
– Angeline