WiseLoop PHP REST Services 3.3.1
RESTful web service API framework for PHP
wlRestTriggerServiceKey Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 run ()

Detailed Description

WiseLoop RestTriggerServiceKey class definition
This trigger implements an API key verification procedure to validate the requests against a fixed key code. The key code is specified in the rest-settings.ini file by the service_key field. Of course, the developer can implement any kind of validation logic and key generation procedure as the key does not have to be provided necessary by the rest-settings.ini file. This trigger is designed just to provide a sample but it can be used as it is.
This trigger should be hooked to the wlRestTrigger::ON_REQUEST_EVENT.


Member Function Documentation

run ( )

Runs the trigger.

Reimplemented from wlRestTrigger.

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