WiseLoop PHP Javascript Obfuscator 4.0.0
Anti-Theft Protection for JavaScript Source Code
Environment Setup

In order to benefit of the full feature set of the WiseLoop JavaScript obfuscator, it is better to create obfuscation environments that will be used by your applications.
There are two things to be done in order to create an obfuscation environment:

  • create a code repository, to get protection regarding the real location of your JavaScript files;
    The code repository will hide the paths to your original JavaScript files, and they will be delivered through the obfuscator only.
    Please refer to The Code Repository to find out how to configure a code repository for your application.
  • create or choose a configuration preset, to group different obfuscation settings into a single preset and use that preset across your application; this gives you also a much shorter URLs when using script tags to include the obfuscated JavaScript code files into your HTML.
    Please refer to The Configuration Preset to find out more about configuration presets.
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