WiseLoop JavaScript Network Speed Tester 2.1.2
JavaScript Bandwidth Checker
Using the Directive

As you probably know by now, WiseLoop JavaScript Network Speed Tester is an AngularJS module designed to offer an broadband bandwidth check against your internet server. The provided directive is able to run the network tests and displays them in a nice HTML template styled with bootstrap CSS framework.

For the simplicity of the learning process, all the samples will use a simple HTML page layout.
Also, you need a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript. If you are not familiar with HTML or JavaScript, you can find plenty of documentation over the internet.

The following samples will show you how to integrate the provided AngularJS directive into your own projects.
If you don't know what a directive is, you just need to know that it is a sort of a HTML tag or attribute that has the ability to change the DOM.

The server file structure

The following file structure is assumed to exists on the server as this is the default structure that the package comes with.

The assumed server file structure

The file we are editing is /sample/index.html

Below there are some usage scenarios offering the code and the results:

All the samples presented in these tutorials are available under the same /sample/ directory of the downloaded package.

Directive Video Tutorial