Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin

Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin

Media Extractor for WordPress

Using Grabbed Media

Grabbed media can be used through the WordPress classical post editing interface.
The media browser is seamlessly integrated in the editing workflow and provides various methods of inserting media information into the current post.

Screencast: Using Grabbed Media

Step 1: Access the Add Media dialog

From the post editing screen, click on the "Add Media" button to open the generic WordPress "Add Media" dialog.

The Post Edit Screen Interface

Step 2: Open the Grabbed Media Browser

From the "Add Media" dialog, select the "WiseLoop Media Grabber" tab to access the media browser.
The media browser will display initially all the media directories; use the "Browse" button to navigate inside a directory.

Media Browser - Media Directories

Step 3: Insert Media into Post

Every media file listed into a directory, has own methods for inserting itself into the current post.
Just press the corresponding buttons for the desired insertion method or press the "..." (View) button to see the media again before insertion.

Media Browser - Media Files
Media Browser - Media Files

After pressing the insertion button, depending on the media type, a shortcode or a real media representation is added to the current post. For Video, Audio and Flash the "wlwmg_media" shortcode is used to render the media when viewing the post page.

Media Added to Post

Step 4: View the Post

The Post: What the user will see
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Short Information

If you want to grab, retrieve or download media such as images, video files, audio files and flash files from a public web site and use them locally in within your own WordPress blog, Web Media Grabber Plugin for WordPress is the perfect tool.
Extract and download anything from anywhere to your server file system! Use the downloaded media into your own WordPress pages or posts without external hotlinking.

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