Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin

Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin

Media Extractor for WordPress

Media Browser

Media files are organized into directories and files.
Each directory is named after the target URL used for grabbing; all the corresponding extracted media files are located inside that directory.

The Media Browser provides an elegant way of accessing media directories and viewing media files.
It provides also means to delete an entire media directory, a single media file or to access the original URL where the media directory was created from.
When applicable, it also displays additional information about the media files such as the byte size, count, type, image dimensions etc.
The media grabbing log file provides detailed information regarding the extraction process: along with historical information, it can show the HTTP send and response headers for each media file, steps that were taken when grabbing and so on. It is a very useful tool to see if something went wrong during the grabbing process.

Screencast: Media Browser Presentation


The Media Directories
A Media Directory
A Grabbing Log File
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Short Information

If you want to grab, retrieve or download media such as images, video files, audio files and flash files from a public web site and use them locally in within your own WordPress blog, Web Media Grabber Plugin for WordPress is the perfect tool.
Extract and download anything from anywhere to your server file system! Use the downloaded media into your own WordPress pages or posts without external hotlinking.

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