PHP REST Services

PHP REST Services

RESTful web service API framework for PHP


Frequently asked questions

Q: Does this API framework needs some rewrite rules (such as Apache mod_rewrite) in order to work?

A: No. It does not need any server rewrite rules.
Anyway, to make URLs accessing the service more friendly, the developer can use .httaccess to setup some rewrite rules if Apache mod_rewrite is active.
The "demo-services" includes a sample .httaccess configuration also that will enable to drop the "index.php" from the url.

Q: Can I use this RESTful API framework to build iPhone or Android applications?

A: Yes.
WiseLoop PHP Rest Services can be consumed by any client regardless of its type (iPhone, Android, JavaScript, PHP, Java, .NET, etc. applications).

Q: Are nginx, IIS servers supported?

A: Probably yes.
Although the script have not been tested on other servers, it should work fine if PHP requirements are fulfilled.

Q: Can this API framework do file uploads?

A: Yes it is possible.
There are plenty of samples over internet showing how to send files using POST and PUT methods you will just need to embed those samples inside a REST controller.

Q: Does it work with MySQL database?

A: Yes. It will work with any database if you will make it work.
Because our PHP REST Services product is a general purpose API builder, it can target any data storage so the framework itself is not bounded with a very specific database engine.
The package contains a demo called “Sample DB REST Service Simulation” that is a simulation on how to build a REST controller to expose a DB functionality. The sample is independent from a very specific DB and it uses the file system to store data and it should give a very good starting point on how to build a service that expose some data taken from any DB engines or storage engines. If you want to make it very specific to MySQL, you just need to replace the reads and writes to actual specific MySQL statements.

Q: How about security?

A: The framework does provide a nice out-of-the-box authentication mechanism and two nice out-of-the-box authorization wrappers as the developer is responsible for implementing the actual authorization code.
Please refer to Authentication & Authorization section for more information.

Q: So, it has security features, how about user management?

A: Due to the complexity of this matter as a certain user can have different rights that can be specified in so many ways, the framework does not provide out-of-the-box user management routes and handlers.

Q: When an exception occurs, how do I hide the file names where the exception occurred?

A: Register an error trigger.
Customizing the exception messages can be done using triggers that should be registered with wlRestTrigger::ON_ERROR_EVENT event. The package do offer a default error trigger (wlRestTriggerError) that displays lots of information and the sample makes use of it, but if you want to customize the exception you should create your own error trigger and encode the returned message it to json or xml before return.
Please refer to Creating triggers section for more information.

Q: Why is the demo included in the package so complicated?

A: It is not complicated at all.
If you find the demo complicated is because we wanted to show the power of our framework and you have to be aware that we are dealing with a real framework not with a “copy and go” simple piece of software.
The PHP "demo-services" are really self-explanatory and quite easy to follow and probably the JavaScript part of the demo brings some understanding overhead, but once you get into it you will find that in fact it's really easy.
This product is meant for developers, we are all developers around here, so we're sure that with just a little patience you will learn a lot from the demo about how to use this framework.

Q: Which are the supported browsers?

A: All of them.
It is a server-side solution and it is independent of the browser used.

Q: I buy an extended license, can I use it in a product that will be sold on codecanyon?

A: Licensing terms are imposed by envato.
For more information please visit: or please ask envato directly.

Q: Is there a possibility to test your framework with a demo version with limited features or time?

A: No. But, you are free to play as long as you want with the online demo and also we will more than happy to answer you to any pre-sale questions.

Regular License $11.00
Use by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.

Extended License $55.00
Use by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.

Short Information

Building a RESTful web service for your PHP web application has never been so easy!
WiseLoop PHP REST Services is a powerful API framework that allows easy development of any kind of API through RESTful web services.

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