JavaScript Fast Links

JavaScript Fast Links

Easy Web Access Based on Text Selection


The script is highly customizable, various themes can be applied via CSS, allowed plugins can be inactivated, keyboard and mouse shortcut can be configured etc.
The settings can be changed by modifying the config.wlFastLinks.js file located near the main script file wlFastLinks.js.

  • pluginList
    The active Fast Links plugin list: this list should be filled with all the plugins desired to populate the Fast Links main menu;
    The available plugins are JavaScript files located inside the plugin subdirectory having the .wlFastLinks.js extension;
    When typing a plugin name, the extension .wlFastLinks.js must be omitted.
    By default all available plugins are listed, just delete from this list the plugins you want to disable.
  • theme
    The theme name: a directory name from the theme subdirectory;
  • title
    The main menu title;
  • target
    The browser target when opening a fast link (it can be: self, tab, dialog);
  • dialogWidth
    Dialog width (expressed in pixels) if target is set to dialog;
  • dialogHeight
    Dialog height (expressed in pixels) if target is set to dialog;
  • chapters
    Specifies if the Fast Links plugins should be groupped in chapters (it can be: true, false);
  • key
    Specifies the additional keyboard key that has to be pressed when right clicking to open the Fast Links main menu (it can be: none, ctrl, alt);
  • notification
    Specifies if a volatile help notification should be displayed after the page loads (it can be: true, false);
  • notificationMessage
    The volatile help notification message if notification is set to true; the {key} sequence will be replaced with the keyboard + mouse combination neeeded to access the Fast Links mein menu;
Regular License $9.00
Use by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.

Extended License $45.00
Use by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.

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Just select some text from your web page, right click and a lots of actions becomes available for that selection!
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