PHP Web Media Grabber

PHP Web Media Grabber

Advanced PHP web resources extractor

Video Grabber

include http:// also

Video Grabber Filters

if nothing is selected or the filter is inactive (unchecked), all extensions will be searched
Ctrl+Click to select multiple values
if checked, the grabber engine will check also the content-type of the grabbed media to make sure it is a video; this checking will add some additional processing as headers for each possible media will be downloaded in order to perform video validation. If unchecked, the grabber engine will use only the provided file extensions and therefore the grabbing process will be faster but can bring non-video files also

Grabbing Parameters

if checked, only media with specified size will be extracted

media files
if checked, the resulted grabbed media count will be limited to this number

if checked, the processor will grab the media founded inside the contents of the tag specified here; an incomplete tag (tag slice) can be specified also, the tag will auto-complete depending on the contextual HTML content

if checked the grabbed media will be downloaded to the local server (localhost)