JavaScript Bandwidth Tester

JavaScript Bandwidth Tester

Network Broadband Speed Checker

JavaScript Bandwidth Tester Demo

WiseLoop JavaScript Bandwidth Tester is a jQuery plugin that allows you to do a network speed test against your internet server. The script can check many server types (like Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, IIS, nginx, Oracle HTTP, jetty etc.) as long as the server supports POST and GET AJAX commands.
Based on the download speed, this jQuery plugin can also compute a reference internet cost that the user should pay for.
The plugin is localizable and the graphical design is highly customizable by using CSS themes and plugin options.

Plugin Options

Please note that the bandwidth is measured by the script running in browser against a web server. Obviously, the demo runs against this server ( that uses a shared hosting service; therefore this server may not be consistent when it comes to its bandwidth. Note also, that the results might vary more or less depending on the whole client computer internet activity at the testing time; due to the fact that it runs as JavaScript inside a browser, the results depends also on the browser load at that time.
If less precision is needed, the default measure unit (Kb/s) can be changed easily from the plugin settings (b, B, Kb, KB, Mb, MB, Gb, GB).