PHP REST Services

PHP REST Services

RESTful web service API framework for PHP


Version 2.1.1, released on 2013-05-10

Initial commercial release

Version 2.2.2, released on 2013-10-14

  • New Feature: added possibility to specify a default output handler in case if no extension is provided to the request URL; use wlRestService::setDefaultOutputHandlerByExtension to set the default output handler by its extension;
  • minor bug fixes

Version 2.3.1, released on 2014-11-30

  • fix for JSON output handler when returning arrays;
  • documentation update;

Version 3.1.1, released on 2015-04-06

  • added authentication & authorization support;
  • documentation update;

Version 3.2.1, released on 2015-04-07

  • added recognition of query string variables as action parameters;
  • dropped wlRestController::queryParams variable; use wlRestController::actionParams instead;
  • dropped wlRestRequest::getQueryParams() method; use wlRestRequest::getActionParams() method instead;
  • automatically apply json_decode PUT requests payloads, so if dealing with JSON payloads, json_decode should be deleted from controllers methods corresponding to PUT requests;
  • documentation update;

Version 3.2.2, released on 2015-05-25

  • small bug fix in action parameters;
  • documentation update;

Version 3.3.1, released on 2015-07-08

  • fix action parameters when consuming from PHP client;
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Extended License $55.00
Use by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.

Short Information

Building a RESTful web service for your PHP web application has never been so easy!
WiseLoop PHP REST Services is a powerful API framework that allows easy development of any kind of API through RESTful web services.

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