PHP Javascript Obfuscator

PHP Javascript Obfuscator

Anti-Theft Protection for JavaScript Source Code


Version 1.1.1, released on 2011-07-30

Initial release

Version 1.2.1, released on 2011-08-04

Encryption engine updated.

Version 2.2.2, released on 2012-01-12

  • Encryption engine updated;
  • Added support for multiple configurations (please check the new documentation);
  • Solved decryption bug in Chrome;
  • Documentation update;

Version 3.1.1, released on 2012-10-25

  • Enhanced JavaScript code parser;
  • Enhanced minify engine;
  • Enhanced scrambler engine;
  • Documentation update;

Version 3.2.0, released on 2014-11-23

  • Enhanced scrambler engine;
  • Documentation update;

Version 4.0.0, released on 2014-12-01

  • Enhanced JavaScript parser engine;
  • Improved alert messages when passing to obfuscation engine invalid repositories or JavaScript file paths;
  • Enhanced cache engine;
  • Refactored for more usage flexibility;
  • Added merge files feature;
  • Simplified repository model;
  • Added the possibility to apply certain obfuscation settings per single file instead of just using global options;
  • Separation of code repositories from the obfuscation settings (specified in configuration presets);
  • Added support for multiple configuration presets and the possibility to be used independently;
  • Included five configuration presets: default, minify, decent, hard, paranoid;
  • Documentation update;
    This version brings some small breaking changes regarding the usage of the obfuscation engine.
    We are aware that this comes quite unhandy for you to update the existing work and we are very sorry for that.
    We are also sure that you will understand that this new version is a major improvement due to the added usage flexibility and the included new features and there was no other way to bring this to you.
    Please check the new documentation and you will see that the changes to be made are quite small.
Regular License $20.00
Use by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.

Extended License $100.00
Use by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.

Short Information

Obfuscate, scramble, minimize, domain lock, set an expiration date and encrypt your JavaScript code to protect it against theft!
This safe JavaScript anti-theft protection allows you to deliver live obfuscated encrypted JavaScript code by online processing the original source code directly on the server side, so no offline processing is needed. Just copy your original JavaScript source code to the server, and deliver it to the browser through the WiseLoop PHP Javascript Obfuscator and you will be protected against theft.

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